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FASTM Software: A Strategic Approach to Asset Management

Automating fixed asset management to save time and money (without sacrificing accuracy or control) is critical for businesses in all stages of growth. FAS software-the #1 Fixed Asset Management Software in the industry - is the best way to quickly and accurately answer tough questions about your fixed assets. And no matter how many (or few) assets you have, there is a FAS solution to meet your company's specific needs...

FAS SuiteTM: Complete Control in One Integrated Solution

FAS Suite is an affordable, comprehensive, easy-to-use fixed asset management solution that easily integrates with general ledger spreadsheets. It provides fixed asset depreciation calculations for financial and tax reporting, asset inventory reconciliation, and personal property tax filings - all in one package. A completely integrated solution, FAS Suite includes three powerful components.

For more information, download the FAS Suite features and benefits sheet in PDF format (Released to Sage Software Authorized Business Partners.) or contact us.

FAS Asset AccountingTM: Simplified Asset Management

FAS Asset Accounting - part of the FAS Suite family - provides complete control over fixed assets for financial and tax reporting. It's a powerful solution that provides rock-solid depreciation calculation, over 20 standard or customized methods of depreciation, integration with popular general ledger systems, and more than 20 standard reports.

     FAS Asset Accounting: Features and Benefits

Eliminate redundant data entry.

Automatically calculates AMT and ACE schedules using more than 20 standard depreciation methods (or methods customized to your company).

View all Seven Books on one screen, including: Tax, Internal, State, AMT, ACE and two user-defined custom books.

Automatically handles disposal of both full and partial assets.

For more information, download the FAS Asset Accounting features and benefits sheet in PDF format (Released to Sage Software Authorized Business Partners.) or contact us.

FAS Asset InventoryTM: Eliminating Manual Inventories

FAS Asset Inventory - part of the FAS Suite family - gives you complete command of your entire asset inventory. It automates the inventory process using state-of-the-art bar code technology, and reconciles physical inventory data with financial records--including portable assets.

     FAS Asset Inventory: Features and Benefits

Automated tools eliminate manual inventories with industry-leading bar code readers.

Reconcile physical inventories with financial records, including remote locations where inventories can be conducted by exchanging data via email attachments.

Multiple fields to track all asset information including property type, class, acquisition date, supplier, location, GL asset account, accumulated and expense account numbers, custodian and more.

Manage asset costs more effectively with accurate inventories.

For more information, download the FAS Asset Inventory features and benefits sheet in PDF format (Released to Sage Software Authorized Business Partners.) or contact us.

FAS Asset Inventory and FAS -- Managing the Entire Fixed Asset Lifecycle

FAS Asset Inventory can operate as a complete, stand-alone asset inventory and reconciliation solution but can also integrate seamlessly with FAS Windows 98/Windows NT fixed asset management solutions. While FAS solutions organize fixed asset data and handle depreciation calculations, FAS Asset Inventory collects real-time fixed asset data through physical inventories and reconciles with asset records in FAS. Together, these solutions manage the entire fixed asset lifecycle, from acquisition to depreciation calculations to physical inventories to disposal.

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